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Whether you run a guest house, B&B, or a holiday property rental business, we take care of providing the tools for you to manage the bookings. 

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Our core business purpose is to make beautiful, and commercially effective websites.

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As a holiday cottage or small B&B/Hotel owner you will already know that Tripadvisor, Eviivo and Booking.Com can get expensive.

We can link these systems to your website but why not just have your own booking system so that you are not paying a significant percentage of your bookings to a third party.

We offer an integrated Property Management System (PMS) which is completely stand alone (although you can link it to the big players because it includes a Channel Management System). Why not have the best of both worlds?

For One Stop Reservations

Your website can handle reservations direct, putting you in control of pricing, payment processes, availability control and much more

Fully Flexible Calendar

Our system links with the industry standard – iCal which enables it to talk with Google Calendar, and other booking channel managers of your choice.  

Registrations Taken Care Of

You set the rules, reservation & registration details, booking conditions, seasonal pricing

Flexible From 1 to 20+ Rooms

As many of our clients are single property rental businesses, we charge by the room. You only pay for what you need. 

Features to suit your business

We offer full websites, as well as website enhancements to add a booking system. With most enquiries happening in evenings and weekends, allowing automated reservations allows you and your teams to focus on matters at hand, your time off, or your current guests. 

Property Presentation

Amenities, Image Gallery, Rates
Rent out unlimited categorized properties (holiday homes, hotel rooms) or just a single accommodation (a villa, a cabin, etc.) – the plugin works for both scenarios! Each accommodation type is fully customizable.
You may also display extra services and packages available for a specific accommodation type.

Simple or Advanced Search

Apart from the arrival and departure dates which are compulsory the availability search is highly customisable. Guests will be able to find a property that meets their requirements in several clicks regardless of the device they use.

Real-time Availability

Enable guests to check the availability of individual properties right on the website.
The status colours will show available and unavailable days.

Accept Debit/Credit card payments

The system links seamlessly with Stripe and other payment gateways. You can charge the full price or a deposit and booking confirmations are handled on your website.

Record Reservations Manually & Edit Original Bookings

Accepting booking by phone? Using other traditional methods? Let your staff add bookings manually via the backend dashboard to keep the processes paperless. The guest can pay later after arrival or using a direct bank transfer.
You can also edit original booking details, e.g. switch a room or change arrival/departure dates for guests.

Instant or Manual Booking Confirmation

Confirm booking requests in a preferable way – give control over booking approval to either your guest (by clicking on a confirmation link in the email), to yourself (you approve it manually via the admin panel) or a booking will be confirmed automatically upon payment.
For the payments, you can set the system to charge a full price or deposit (a fixed price or percentage).

iCal Channel Management to Sync with OTAs

Grow your hotel or vacation rental business with more channels yet avoid overbooking! Our system can synchronize the availability and bookings submitted through your website with those from online travel platforms like Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, HomeAway or any other that supports iCal.
The plugin generates unique calendars to export to external online channels and provides a way to import them from OTAs. Enjoy an automatic, near real-time synchronization (sync it as frequently as every half hour).

Other features:

Dynamic Seasonal Pricing
Complex Rates based on property facilities
Rates based on per person or length of stay
Bookable extras or free services
Centralised booking calendar – see and manage all your bookings and availability at a glance
Customisable Min/Max stay requirements
Temporarily remove a property or room from availability
Branded email notifications
Full reporting system with export to CSV (spreadsheet) function

These are only the basic features and there are many more integrations you can have although these may add to the cost.

Piece together your bespoke solution

There are three elements to this:

  1. The Website
  2. Domain registration, web hosting and emails
  3. The Booking System

Component costs

The Website

The cost of the website will vary depending on the size and complexity and on whether you go for a fixed price or rental system as described below

Domain registration, web hosting and emails

We will only put your website on our servers so that we can ensure that everything is secure, properly backed up and runs smoothly. We can also register a domain for you and provide you with an email service (but you can use your existing if you want)

For this we charge £20.00 + VAT per month regardless of whether you use us for domain registration and/or emails or not. If you go for the rental system this is included in the monthly price.

Minimum contracts are for 12 months.

Any domain registered by us on your behalf belongs to you but the website code is proprietary to us.

The Booking System

This is an additional monthly charge and is based on the number of properties/rooms

Small Print

We require all our customers to pay by Direct Debit which starts when your site is up and running or 6 weeks after you sign up (to avoid project “drift”). We can normally have you up and running within 2 weeks.

Given the current situation we are happy for you to sign up now but we will not charge you anything until you can open again following Government guidelines. The one year minimum contract period starts from the date of your first payment.

If you have any questions please contact us via our contact form.